Making a real difference to real people and not just the people we care for. Social care work can be one of the most rewarding jobs around. Helping people live to their full potential in their own home and making a difference to them is something that will stay with you long after your care call finishes.

The type of people that Just Call 4 Care Services provide support to are as varied as the care workers who provide the care. If you’re over eighteen you can apply or retrain to do social care work, and make the job as important as you want. More and more men and women are continuing their training and making social care their career by gaining extra qualifications and specialising in the types of support they provide.
Alternatively, if you need to fit our care delivery around other commitments, there are many opportunities to work in a more flexible fashion. Either way, the training and work you put in can lead to a national qualification in care, with the opportunity to progress further.


If you’re interested in receiving our care for

  • Helping wash hair, or doing domestic tasks
  • A new direction in life, where your time makes a real difference
  • Flexible hours to suit other commitments
  • Attractive pay rates and benefits

Please contact us, more info on how to contact us in the contact us page

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